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We Are Pleased to Announce

Upper Bucks Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine has joined Grand View Medical Practices (GMVP).

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Joint Replacement

Committed to safety and quality, the Joint Replacement Center has earned the Gold Seal of Approval™ from the Joint Commission for both its total hip and total knee replacement programs.

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Sports Medicine

Sports medicine is specialized medical care for treatment and prevention of sports-related injuries. From athletes to active individuals, sports medicine helps patients continue injury-free active lifestyles.

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Shoulder Surgery

Arthroscopic shoulder surgery offers important advantages, requiring smaller incisions, less pain, and potentially quicker recovery, allowing you to get back in the game or back to work faster.

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Patient Testimonials

Discover what our patients have to say regarding their office visit, surgical experience or recovery process. We also encourage our existing patients to share their own experience!

Rick R.

  • Left Knee Replacement

“I would like to thank Dr. Bumgardner and all the staff at Upper Bucks Orthopaedics for giving me a pain free leg to stand on. All the support allowed me to get back to my job as Industrial Electrician in 2 months after surgery. Climbing ladders, stairs and catwalks,etc. Best of all riding my bicycle again. You are the best, thank you again.”

Paul C

  • ACL reconsruction

“I had ACL reconstruction with Dr. Bumgardner years ago, and brought my daughter to him recently for hers. Both times I found him to be wonderfully patient, thorough, and personable. Few doctors nowadays take the time he does to answer all our questions. I also have to say how helpful and pleasant the front desk staff is -- it's a great outfit from top to bottom. ”


  • Right Knee - Meniscus Surgery

“A big thank you to Dr. Minnich for getting me back on the tennis court. I am a serious player and it is an important part of my life so this injury was a huge problem. This was communicated to Dr. Minnich and the treatment plan was geared to getting me back to the game. I have to admit I was a bit doubtful the first few weeks following surgery but sure enough 4 months post surgery my on court performance is at least 95% of pre-injury levels with no pain. I could not have hoped for a better result. ”

Ruth Richard

  • Knee Replacement Surgery
Ruth Richard's photo

“When Ruth Richard was at the height of her baseball career in the 1940s and 50s, she knew squat about knee pain. As a catcher with the All American Girls Professional Baseball League, she would crouch behind a batter to seize a pitch, or leap to snag a foul ball. Ruth played catcher and outfielder for the Rockford Peaches - a team made famous by the movie "A League of Their Own." Decades later, Ruth began to feel the effects of her baseball days. Still spry in her 80s, she began to experience piercing pain in her left knee. She turned to orthopaedic physician and surgeon Paul Weidner, MD, who recommended knee replacement surgery. To read more about Ruth's experience visit, http://www.gvh.org/Main/RuthsStory.aspx.”


  • Bilateral Knee replacement

“Its been 6.5 yrs since I had both knees replaced. Life returned within a week after leaving the hospital... Dr Weidner... Thank you!! The staff exceptional - the follow ups the home care - none better. ”

Ted Brooks

  • Knee Surgery
Ted Brooks's photo

“Drs. Godshall and Hanson operated on my 1966 football injured knee in June of 1968. They removed shredded ligaments and cartlidge. When I walk, run, play golf or climb stairs I often stop to say thank you for the wonderful job they did to repair my knee. When I saw that Dr. Godshall was retiring I had to write and offer my best wishes and say thank you again.

Best regards,

Ted Brooks”

Duane Leathers

  • knee

“I would like to thank DR. Cope and the entire staff for the kindness and

compassion they showed me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart”


  • Left Knee and Total Hip Replacement

“Dr. Weidner gave me my life back! Between 2006 and 2009, Dr. Weidner replaced my left knee and did a left and right total hip replacement. It has been one year since my last surgery and the first time in YEARS that I don't need any pain medication of any kind. Also, I was so impressed with the entire staff - they worked together as a real team. The pre surgery classes were very informative and calming. Thank you Dr. Weidner and staff”


  • Total Knee Replacement

“Since my total knee replacement surgeries, now 20 and 10 months ago, I walk several miles a day, participate in water aerobics and golf. None of that would be possible without the care and attention of all the staff with whom I interacted with at both Upper Bucks Orthopaedics and Grand View Hospital. I can't speak highly enough about the warm professional care I received while utilizing their services. My quality of life has been improved significantly.”


  • Orthopaedic Treatment

“My experience with Upper Bucks Orthopaedics and Grand View Hospital could not have been any better. I was treated as a person, not as a number. They made me feel special and both facilities were clean and organized to the max. I would recommend both with no hesitation.”

Ken Longacre

  • Spinal Surgery

“The care I received in the hospital was excellent. I went into the hospital on Thursday morning and was back home on Saturday morning," recalls Ken. "Six weeks after surgery, I felt better than I had in the past 10 years. To read more about Ken's experience visit, http://www.gvh.org/Main/KensStory.aspx.”

Pat Fox

  • Joint Replacement Surgery

“The day I had the surgery, I got up on my feet," she said. "I expected to have much more pain, but it wasn't bad. Even my scar healed fast. I knew then that this procedure would change my life. It has been a wonderful experience. I would recommend it to anyone. To read more about Pat's experience visit, http://www.gvh.org/Main/PatsStory.aspx.”

Joe O

  • Left Knee

“Thank you Dr.Bumgardener for making my knee better! After your surgery I was still feeling my knee at about 80%. Your follow up solved the problem! Draining fluid did the trick! ”

Joe G.

  • Laminectomy w/Bone Fusion
Joe G.'s photo

“On Dr. Paul L. Weidner' advice that I would know when it was time to have my hip replaced I scheduled a total hip replacement last August. Thanks to Dr. Weidner and his staff my right hip is better than ever and my quality of life has returned.

Thank heaven for Dr. Ernest Cope III and his staff at Upper Bucks Orthopaedic. After no success with epidural shots and Physical Therapy Dr. Cope operated on my back and returned me to normal walking and back to work. No more cane and no more pain! ”


  • Fractured Elbow

“My 13 year old son Matthew just saw Dr. Casey for a fractured elbow. I have been to this practice a few times myself for several sports injuries, but I have never been a patient of Dr. Casey's. My son and I thought he was fabulous. He was a gentle-well-spoken individual. We were very comfortable with his treatment and would highly recommend his services to anyone. ”

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